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Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte - Bildarchiv Foto Marburg

Bildarchiv Foto Marburg is Germany's documentation center for art history. The archive contains around 1.7 million images. More...

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Rogier van der Weyden
Rogier van der Weyden (Werkstatt), Die Geburt Christi mit Stifterin, Mitte 15. Jh., Sammlung Marks-Thomée. Bildarchiv Foto Marburg, Thomas Scheidt 2014. (Aufn.-Nr: fmd486734)

Collector’s Fortune -- The Marks-Thomée Collection

Westphalian state executive and art collector Fritz Thomée (1862-1944), over the course of four decades, acquired a collection of about 900 highly exquisite pieces. Today, the majority of them belong to his grandson, Dr. Werner Marks, and make a collection considered the last remaining example of a significant upper-middle-class art collection in private German possession.

For the first time since the 1950s, the collection “Collector’s Fortune” presented by the Aachen Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum offers the public a selection of 100 masterpieces from among the Mark-Thomée collection. On display will be selected paintings, sculptures, and handcrafts spanning a period from antiquity to the early Twentieth Century.

As early as the 1920s, the Image Archive Foto Marburg had the opportunity to document a large portion of Fritz Thomée’s collection in approximately 350 black-and-white photographs. On the occasion of the exhibition at Aachen, roughly 330 new photographs have been added to the historical stock since the summer of 2014.

Among those is the painting “Birth of Christ” from Roger van der Weyden’s workshop, in which under layers of paint added later the representation of a donator was unexpectedly found during recent conservation works.

“Collector’s Fortune – 100 Masterpieces from the Marks-Thomée Collection” Aachen Suermondt-Ludwig –Museum 12/3/2015 – 21/6/2015

Collection Fritz Thomée

Exhibition of new photographs “Collector’s Fortune”

Gallery of Special Images

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